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Time Out on Watering

juillet 10

It is easy to forget that you’re watering a lawn or garden, especially when you’re using a soaker hose or drip irrigation, because you can neither hear or see the water. Even with a sprinkler that does make a noticeable sound, it’s easy to get distracted and to forget to turn it off. And that’s not good, as overwatering is wasteful, expensive and even harmful to plants.

That’s why is is always wise to add a timer to any type of irrigation system. It will simply turn the water off at the end of a session. The least expensive and easiest to use models are manual timers: you simply adjust the dial to X number of minutes and off you go. The water will turn off automatically. That’s all you need if you live in a climate where watering is only needed on an occasional basis. If you do need to water regularly, you can get a programmable timer and set it up so it waters at whatever frequency is suitable for your needs.

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