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The Biggest Zucchini in the World

juillet 26

I often see reports in local newspapers or on television which showcase a gardener with an exceptionally large zucchini. Everyone seems amazed by its large size and the grower appears very happy indeed. However, that is actually nothing unusual: any zucchini will grow to an an enormous size if it is not harvested at the right time.

 That’s because the zucchini is usually grown as summer squash, therefore designed to be harvested and eaten when tt is small and juicy a thin skin. If the fruit is allowed to ripen too much, it becomes mealier and loses much of its sweetness, its seeds develop and have to be scooped out and the skin thickens and needs to be peeled off. It remains edible, but…

So if you want to try for a world-record zucchini, go ahead and lets yours grow. But if you grow zucchini squash in order to eat them, you really out to harvest them when they are immature, about 6 to 7 inches (15-17 cm) long!


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