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Easy Way to Chop Fall Leaves

octobre 28

It’s best to chop autumn leaves into small pieces before adding them to the compost or using them as mulch. And the most obvious method for doing so is simply to go over them with a rotary mower. Even a mower without a mulching blade will conveniently chop the leaves into small pieces. If the mower has a bag, you can easily pick up the chopped leaves to place them in the compost or to spread them as mulch. Otherwise, just direct the blower towards to areas in need of mulch.

Leaves are easy enough to chop up when they land one the lawn, but you can also mow them when they fall on a flat terrace or a paved driveway. In places that are not accessible to a lawn mower, just collect leaves and spread them over a lawn so you will be able to mow them.

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