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Tree Stakes are Always Temporary!

novembre 24Many gardeners like to stake trees when planting them to ensure that the trunk remains upright. That’s fine, but… the stake has  to be removed  as soon as the tree is well established in its new location, normally after a few months, at most after one year. If not removed, the trunk will not develop normally. That’s because moving in the wind actually thickens the trunk and makes it stronger. A staked trunk moves little and will remain thin and subject to breaking.

You also have to remove the strap used to attach the tree to its stake. I stress this, because often you see people remove the stake, but leave the strap in place. If left on the tree, it will eventually eat into the bark, as the trunk thickens over time. This will eventually strangle the tree, preventing the sap from flowing. So remove it when you remove the stake… at most, one year after the tree is planted.

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