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A Cyclamen for Christmas

novembre 30We rarely think of the florist’s cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum) as a Christmas plant, but yet it really only flourishes under the cool indoor temperatures of late fall and winter. It’s a pretty tolerant houseplant when it comes to light conditions and will do well in full sun or bright light. It’s weak point, though, is watering: with its large leaves and many flowers, the cyclamen loses a lot of water to transpiration and dries out very quickly. You may find it necessary to water it more than once per week. But still, always stick a finger in the potting mix before watering: if it is still moist to the touch, it is not yet ready for watering.

Well cared for, your cyclamen will bloom right through the Christmas season until spring. It can even carry on through much of the summer… as long as you can keep it cool!

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