Laidback Gardener Tip of the Day


The Ideal Plant for Overwaterers

décembre 4You know who you are. You love your houseplants so much you just can’t look at them without watering them. And the result is none too satisfying: few plants can take being watered every day and they soon die.

But there is at least one exception, a plant that will adore your ministrations: the umbrella plant or umbrella palm (Cyperus alternifolius). This grasslike sedge (not a palm at all) is semi-aquatic: in the wild, it grows with its roots entirely immersed in water all times. In fact, if you try growing it like a typical houseplant, sitting in a low saucer, you’ll probably lose it, as the saucer can’t hold enough water to keep it happy. Instead, place its pot in a larger container without a drainage hole. Now, keep the container full of water, topping it up as needed. Ideally the water should at least cover the bottom third of the rootball and can cover it entirely if you prefer. If you want to water this one daily, or even twice a day, go right ahead. It won’t be bothered at all.


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