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Double Wrap Those Holiday Plants

décembre 24
Plant sleeves are pretty, but of little help against the cold. You should at least be able to fold the top over and staple it shut!

Thinking of offering a gift plant during your holiday visits? It’s a great idea: who wouldn’t like to receive a beautiful flowering plant as a gift? And live plants last longer than cut flowers. But, in many areas, this is also the coldest time of the year and you have to think of how to wrap to the plants up correctly so they can survive the cold. After all, even a few seconds in subfreezing air can do some damage.

If you have a choice, paper wrapping is best, because paper insulates better against the cold than plastic, but plastic wrap will do if the outdoor temperature is moderate: at freezing or slightly below. But if it’s really bitterly cold outdoors, even paper may not be enough, so insert the wrapped plants into a larger plastic bag. Now blow into the second bag and seal: your plants will stay toasty and warm during their trip to their new home.

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