Let the Lizards Loose


20150112If you have a sunroom or other room where you keep lots of plants, release a gecko or one or two anoles in it. Lizards will have no trouble finding something to drink in the saucers and, unfortunately, probably something to eat as well, because where there are plants, there are almost always at least a few insects. Make sure the room is heated to at least 50˚F (10˚C) in winter to create a suitable environment. Do not forget to feed them correctly as well: you have to see the insects they catch as a supplement to their basic diet. Also, you might want to warn your life partner before letting the lizards loose: he/she might not find the idea quite as tempting as you do.

Finally, avoid releasing iguanas in the plant room: they eat foliage, not unwanted insects! The bigger they get (and they become huge!), the skimpier your plants will look!


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