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Plant a Row for the Hungry

20150606APlant a Row (Grow a Row in Canada): that’s the title of a program launched by the Garden Writers’ Association to encourage gardeners to think about planting extra vegetables they can then offer to food banks. It just makes sense: if you grow vegetables for your family, why not produce a few extra to share with the needy? And it doesn’t have to be an entire row, either: just a few extra plants can make a difference.

Suppose you have a bumper crop of zucchini (and who doesn’t?). The time-honored tradition is to give them to your neighbors so you can show off your horticultural prowess. But your neighbors probably already have their own zucchini, or the means to buy zucchini. If you see them pretending not to be home when you head their way with a basket of veggies, you know they don’t really appreciate the gift. Instead, share the bounty with someone who will really value it. True enough, you won’t gain bragging rights with your neighbors this way… but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the feeling of really helping others?

20150606BAnd while you’re at it, start a campaign in your neighborhood to get others to do the same. When gardeners get together, they can change the world!

Here’s where to go for information:

Plant A Row (US)

Grow A Row (Canada)

Such a simple way to give!

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  1. A fellow garden club member had planted 25 raised beds for several years with all produce going to our local food pantry. As time went on and the body aged, he had to opt out of that expansive project. But, this year he started and sold vegetable seedlings in the spring and donated that money. There’s always a way if you want to do it. 🙂 Nice Post.

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