The Forest: the Ultimate Landscape for the Laidback Gardener


20150609The beauty of a natural forest for the laidback gardener is that it requires almost no intervention on your part. Finally, a landscape that you never have to leave your hammock to enjoy! You have nothing to do… or so very little.

If a tree starts to decline, let die! If another threatens to fall, let it topple! A dead tree, a trunk lying on the ground in a forest, they’re all part of the system. Where do you think forest birds nest if not in dead trees? And a trunk lying on the ground will quickly be invaded by a host of animals and plants, boosted by its slow decomposition.

Of course, if a tree threatens to fall on your car, you have to take action (maybe you could move the car?), but otherwise with a forest, you have the ultimate landscape for the laidback gardener: strikingly beautiful and yet totally self-maintaining!

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