Autumn is the best season to make dried flower arrangements, because so many fall flowers dry on the spot, in the garden or in the field: you only have to collect them and insert them into your bouquet. These “self-drying flowers” include hydrangeas, black-eyed Susans, echinaceas, teasels, Chinese lanterns, pearly everlastings, bulrushes, cereals, grasses and many many others.

Autumn bouquet of dried flowers
Autumn is the best time to make a dried flower bouquet.. Photo:

In addition, you can collect dried leaves, pine cones, branches with berries and even bare branches to complete your bouquet.

Take a tour of your yard or, even more interesting, head out into the countryside to see: the possibilities are almost endless!

Dried flower arrangements will usually last at least two years before losing their color.

You can also get wild with your dried alliums!

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