If you purchase the ready-to-use product, you mostly paid for water!

A bit of economic advice today. When you have to buy a fertilizer or pesticide (hopefully an organic one!), always buy the concentrate rather than the ready-to-use product (hint: it’s often in a spray bottle). That’s because the ready-to-use product is composed almost entirely of water with just a hint of the base product (typically 50 parts water to one part of concentrate). As long as you have running water at home, you can easily dilute the concentrate yourself… and imagine the savings! Since the concentrate is 50 times more condensed than the ready-to-use product, if both are approximately the same price (and they often are), the concentrate actually cost 50 times less!

4 comments on “Buy the Concentrate

  1. Regarding insecticidal soap concentrate: any suggestions on where to purchase? I’ve been (since using up the remaining dregs of the ‘old’ stuff) looking locally for the last 2+ years without success. Getting frustrated with the ‘fruitless’ search but I refuse to buy the ‘ convenient, ready-to-use’ products as they are criminally wasteful in so many ways…..

    • I’m surprised you’re not finding the concentrate locally. Where I live, it’s easy to find. Mail-order sources of organic pesticides would certainly carry this product. Or just try Amazon.

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