20160213AWhy pay for commercial mini-greenhouses for your seedlings? Supermarkets are full of products sold in containers with transparent plastic tops, any of which can be recycled into a mini-greenhouse. Just think of the containers for muffins and other pastries, salads or roast chicken. They make such great seedling containers it’s almost as if they were designed precisely for that purpose!

The bottom of the container makes an excellent tray for pots of seedlings while the transparent top serves as mini greenhouse to maintain high humidity while the seeds are germinating.

21060213BAlternatively, if you pierce drainage holes in the bottom of the container, you can sow your seeds directly into it. Just fill it with moist growing mix and sow the seeds. In that case, you’ll have to place the container on top of a larger tray to catch any excess water that might drain out. And you ought to be able to recycle a tray for that too.

‘Tis the season to start collecting your seedling containers, because the main season for sowing seeds indoors is just around the corner, in March.

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