20160304A.jpgDid you know that you can recycle toilet paper rolls for use as pots for your seedlings? Simply place them tightly one against the other on a waterproof tray. Now fill them with potting soil and sow your seeds, watering and caring for them as you usually would. At transplanting time, don’t bother removing the roll: just plant up the seedlings as is, roll and all. Like peat pots, toilet paper rolls are biodegradable and roots will have no problem penetrating them.

Do note that mold will sometimes form on the outside of the roll. This is simply the first stage of the roll’s decomposition and will not affect the plants.

Larry Hodgson is one of Canada’s best-known garden communicators. He has notably been editor-in-chief of HousePlant Magazine, Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins, À Fleur de Pot and Houseplant Forum magazines and is currently the garden correspondent for Le Soleil and radio garden commentator for CKIA-FM Radio. He has written for many garden publications in both the United States and Canada, including Canadian Gardening, Harrowsmith, Horticulture, Fine Gardening and Organic Gardening. He also speaks frequently to horticultural groups throughout Canada and the U.S. His book credits include The Garden Lover’s Guide to Canada, Complete Guide to Houseplants, Making the Most of Shade, Perennials for Every Purpose, Annuals for Every Purpose, and Houseplants for Dummies, as well as nearly 60 other titles in English and French. He is a past president of the Garden Writers Association (now Garden Communicators International) and the winner of the prestigious 2006 Garden Media Promoter Award offered by the Perennial Plant Association. He resides in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

5 comments on “Toilet Paper Pots for Seedlings

  1. TheDigger

    I use these, they are fab and work really well for plants that don’t like being moved. Although these days I have to argue with the puppy about who gets to play with the inside of the loo roll! You can also get a gizmo for making pots from newspaper.

  2. It’s recycling used materials. It will help our environment.

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  4. Joy Murray

    I used toilet paper tubes as you described, but the black mould that grew on the outside appeared to impede the seedling growth (tomatoes), and has also appeared on the leaves. Do I spray or throw away?joy

    • I’m trying to understand what black mold would move from cardboard onto foliage. (That it should attack cardboard is not really a concern: it’s a dead compostable material and all sorts of fungus might like it.)

      Are you sure there are no aphids involved? They’re usually what’s behind black mold on plants. Trying wiping it off with a soft cloth. If that works, just carry on (and treat the aphids if you find any). If it doesn’t, something is living right in the leaves and that would not be so easy to control. Throwing away might be the right option.

      Spray? With what? You can’t spray until you know what the problem is.

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