20160305A20160305BWhiteflies (whiteflies) can’t resist the color yellow: this color represents a plant in difficulty and there is nothing they like better than a weakened plant. You can turn this attraction to your advantage and get rid of the whiteflies infesting your houseplants… by dressing to kill.

On a cold day (it should be below freezing), put on your winter coat, pull a bright yellow sweater over top, then take a little stroll among the infested plants. Shake their stems from time to time make sure their whiteflies take notice. They’ll take off in panic… and settle on your yellow sweater, sometimes literally by the hundreds. Now just take a 15-minute walk outdoors. By the time you get back, they will all have fallen off, stunned by the cold. They simply can’t take freezing, at least not the adults.

Repeat every 3 or 4 days for 2 weeks. That will be necessary to catch all stages of the whiteflies’ life cycle, since their nymphs are immobile and can’t fly.

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