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A Handy Dandy Seed Spacer

An easy-to-make seed spacer.

If precision in planting is your thing, why not make a seed spacer that will always ensure you sow your seeds at just the right distance?

Making one is simple enough. Using a section of board and a ruler, trace lines that cross at the desired spacing: every 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, etc. At each place the lines meet, drill a hole and use a screw to fix a wine cork or section of wooden dowel to one side of the spacer. On the back of the spacer, add a handle for easy handling.

Simply punch planting holes into the soil with the seed spacer.

Now when you have seedlings to sow, simply punch planting holes in the soil with the spacer, pushing down just enough that the seeds will be at the right depth. All you have left to do is to drop seeds in the holes, fill them with soil and water well. You’ll get perfectly spaced seedlings every time!

Multiple Models

Ideally you’d prepare several models, each based on the desired seed spacing for the plant you’re sowing.

You can also make spacers for bedding plants and bulbs buy fixing larger and longer sections of dowel to the board so you get a perfect planting hole every time.

This is the kind of gardening tip that is definitely not laidback to start with (there’s a lot of work involved in preparing them!), but once you have your different models on hand, will reduce the work you put into gardening for the rest of your life.

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