Pallet gardens at Wave Hill.

Do you have a wooden pallet lying around… or could you find one easily? Here is an interesting use for one, seen in the fabulous Wave Hill Garden in New York City: a vertical succulent garden!

And the Garden generously shared how they made their pallet garden, advice I’ll share with you here:

With pallets stood on edge, landscape fabric is attached to the rear and coco-fiber matting on the inside of the front slats. Wooden boards cover the bottom and battens are nailed on the sides to secure the landscape fabric. Slits, cut into the coco-fiber, allow for planting and the internal cavities are filled with potting soil.


And I’ll also let the Garden explain how it maintains its succulent pallet gardens:

Succulents (sedums and sempervivums) are used here because they are ideal in this sunny location and require less watering than other plants. Aside from a daily misting (to mimic the nightly dew of the desert), they are given little water other than that which falls from the sky.

‘Nuf said!

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