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Make a Christmas Tree Decoration from a Wood Slice

20161216aHere’s an interesting idea I saw on the Internet.

20161216bRather than throwing out the slice of wood that results from you recutting your your Christmas tree before bringing it indoors, why not turn it into a souvenir Xmas decoration? Write the date on one side and attach it to the tree with a hook or a cord. Add a ribbon, bells or Christmas balls if you want. And you can paint it or not: that’s up to you. On the other side, you can, if you want, draw, paint or burn a Yuletide picture of some sort. Just let your imagination run wild: there are so many different possibilities of how to decorate a simple wood slice!

Over the years, you’ll accumulate a collection of wood slice decorations that will recall all your Christmases past: how cool is that?!20161216a

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