Plant turntable as offered by Lee Valley Tools.

If you have a lazy susan in your kitchen that you don’t use much, you might want to recycle it as a gardening tool for container plants and houseplants.

When repotting, for example, gradually turn the plant as you add potting soil to make sure it is well centered. And when you prune a potted plant, it is very useful to be able to look at it from all sides to make sure you’re giving it an even trim.

A turntable is a basic tool in the bonsai world.

In bonsai, where precision pruning is vital, a “bonsai turntable” is a basic tool… but a kitchen lazy susan will do the same job for much less money.

Florists and other floral arrangement specialists also use a turntable when preparing a display. So do greenhouse growers preparing mixed containers.

If you don’t have a lazy susan in your kitchen, you’ll find models specially designed for horticultural use offered in garden tool catalogs.

A simple idea… but one you might find useful!20170224a

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