A Do-It-Yourself Seed Sower

Commercial hand seed sower

A seed sower is a device designed to help the gardener distribute seeds evenly. There are large models called seed drills designed for industrial-level farming, but also small hand-held models that the average gardener can use to properly sow seeds both indoors and out.

Commercial Model

Sowing with a seed sower.

The most common commercial seed sower consists of a round hopper with an opening that can be adjusted according to the size of the seed. Thus, you pour the seeds into the hopper, then adjust the opening so that only one seed at a time falls into the beak and bingo! You just tap lightly on the sower to make that one seed move forward and drop where you wanted it. This hand seed sower can be used for seeds of almost all sizes, but is most useful for very fine seeds that are otherwise difficult to manipulate.

You’ll find this kind of seed sower almost anywhere seeds are sold.

Home-Made Sower

A home-made seed sower

The economical gardener might find it interesting to know that you can make just as precise a seed sower with a sheet of plain white paper.

Fold the sheet in half and pour the seeds into the fold. Now tilt the sheet a bit towards the soil and tap gently. Because of the whiteness of the paper, even the finest seeds will be clearly visible… and they will advance one by one, falling exactly where you want them to go.

Simple, economical and efficient!

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