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Flowers and Personality

What Does Your Garden Say About You?


Everyone has their favorite colors… and it’s well known that your choice of colors can be indicative of your personality. Gardeners are particularly “easy to read,” since they put the colors that attract them out where everyone can see them… and thus reveal, without necessarily intending to, the secrets of their personality.

What Experts Say

According to specialists on the effect of color on humans, the human brain is programed from birth to associate certain colors with certain emotions. Yellow, for example, stimulates a positive mood and red tends to make the heart beat faster.

On the other hand, the color/emotion association is not necessarily hard-wired: you can easily come to associate a color with any situation, for example, because of a traumatic childhood experience.

In most cases, however, humans all over the world associate each color with the same emotion. It therefore becomes possible to make some fairly accurate assumptions about their personality according to the associations they choose.

Your Personality Type

What do the colors of your garden reveal about your personality? Here are some examples:


1. Your garden is made up of “warm” colors: bright yellows, bright reds, intense violets. Moreover, you like contrasts: the flowers you choose are often bicolored. Your favorite flowers include gaillardias, bicolored tulips and oriental poppies.

Analysis: You have a type A personality: you want everything… and you want it now. You live intensely, without losing a minute. Your loved ones tell you that you work too hard… but why would you listen to them, since you’re always right?

Forget My Not Myosotis Forget Mein Not Forget Me Not

2. You like multicolored compositions but of soft, fresh shades: pale blue, green, pink, lilac, often separated by white or pastel tints. You occasionally use strong colors—yellow, red, etc.—in your garden… but they are never placed side by side. Your favorite flowers include columbines, meadow-rues and forget-me-nots.

Analysis: You have a type B personality: quiet, peaceful, not at all aggressive. Your garden is a haven of peace and tranquility: you go there to get away from stress… and there’s nothing you like better than to unwind among your flowers. Use circles and curves in your landscaping rather than squares and straight lines: you’ll find the effect even more relaxing!


3. You love everything that is pink, peach, mauve or cherry. Your garden is a combination of colors that are all quite similar, but with enough soft contrast to highlight each one. Your favorite flowers include roses, daisies and sweet peas.

Analysis: You’re have a romantic personality! Everything that involves love impresses you. Don’t forget to install a little bench in an intimate corner of your garden where you can spend your summer reading novels and poems… about love, of course!

20170420D James Long, Flickr

4. Your garden is jam-packed with blooms! Flowers joyfully intermingle in the most informal way, sometimes creating contrasts, sometimes harmony. You like oranges, reds and yellows with a few touches of white to soften them. Your favorite flowers include cosmos, daffodils and black-eyed susans.

Analysis: You are the epitome of the friendly, sociable personality. You’d go out every night if you could… and even at your work, you tend to end up in situations where human contact is important. You don’t like being alone… and love sharing your passion for gardening with others.

20170421E Gwen and James Anderson, geograph
Photo: Gwen and James Anderson, geographe

5. Purple, purple and yet more purple: your garden is chock-full of it, with just enough white and pink so that the purpleness of your soul can stand out. Your favorite flowers include lupins, aconites and clematis.

Analysis: You have the soul of a creator, of an artist. There’s a good chance you’re working in the arts or on stage… or you dream of doing so!


6. Red, yellow, blue: your garden is one of bright primary colors. It’s a fairy-tale mix full of contrasts… and the bigger the flower, more you like it. Others sometimes find your garden a bit too gaudy… but you love it! Your favorite flowers include sunflowers, ornamental cabbages and tulips.

Analysis: You are 10 years old or younger… or you have a childlike spirit, because your garden is that of a young mind. A bit naive, full of energy and a touch mischievous, you’re easily impressed by everything surrounds you. You look at life with wonder and satisfaction: every day brings you something completely new.

20170421G Trevor Cameron, Flickr
Photo: Trevor Cameron, Flickr

7. You have no garden and you don’t particularly like flowers. If you had your choice, you’d live in an apartment with no balcony, surrounded by concrete. If you are forced to garden, you choose dark colors — purples so dark they’re almost black, sometimes with a little orange for contrast. Your favorite flowers include weeds, poison ivy, black tulips and dead branches.

Analysis: You have serious personality problems. Your neighbors find you strange… and you find them too invasive. There is no use my going any further with this description, because you’re not the kind of person who would ever read this article!

The above article was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and not a serious analysis. Enjoy!

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  2. Thanks for the smile, and I know a couple of those last folks. I don’t have a lot in common with them. 🙂

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