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25 Celebrities Who Love to Garden

Oprah Winfrey is one of many celebrities said to garden. Photo: Enews

Of course, I’m not a follower of fan magazines and hardly ever watch Entertainment Tonight (and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t confess to it!), but… I do have a natural curiosity about how the other half lives. And I’m certainly not the only garden fanatic who has wondered who among the world’s celebrities are also gardeners.

Here is a list, totally gleaned off the Web, of famous people who are said to garden.

  1. Jessica Alba
  2. Roseanne Barr
  3. Russel Brand
  4. Prince Charles
  5. Oscar de la Renta
  6. Ellen DeGeneres
  7. Zooey Deschanel
  8. Elizabeth Hurley
  9. Jake Gyllenhaal
  10. Nicole Kidman
  11. Angela Lansbury
  12. Savannah Miller
  13. Sienna Miller
  14. Snoop Dogg
  15. Mark Ruffalo
  16. Michelle Obama
  17. Gwyneth Paltrow
  18. Julia Roberts
  19. Suzanne Sommers
  20. Tori Spelling
  21. Ringo Starr
  22. Martha Stewart
  23. Sting
  24. Oprah Winfrey
  25. Reese Witherspoon

Just thought you’d like to know!

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  1. Franklin H

    It is great that celebrities who love garden make their own contribution to the development of the industry. When I was preparing for one of my college classes, my friend recommended to look at more info and I found out that celebrities could be a voice of humanitarian causes. I think that they could make an input into saving some plant species or even more.

  2. Now, I’d like to know if they do their own weeding. 🙂

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