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Gardening Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden

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If gardening is a burden, you’re doing something wrong! Illus.: ClipArt Panda

Too many beginning gardeners have a defeatist attitude towards gardening. They think that gardening necessarily involves a lot of time and effort and they expect to have to work hard.

But gardening doesn’t need to take much time! Whenever you come across a task that will take forever or will come back again and again throughout the summer, rebel! There’s bound to be an easier way. Remind yourself of one simple thing: Mother Nature designed plants to survive and they can get along without you if you give them the slightest chance.

If you have to struggle over and over again to keep a plant alive or work like a madman to keep your yard in shape, that’s not normal. There are ways of getting great results using much less effort.

You’re obviously listening to the wrong people. It’s all about knowing how to get things done with a minimum of effort … and by coming regularly to the Laidback Gardener website, you’ll find all sorts of ways of making gardening easier.

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