Just Get Rid of Problem Plants!

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Just get rid of plants that cause you problems. Source: Clipart Library

What to do when you have a recurring problem with a plant? One that suffers from a disease or an insect every year? Or needs to be constantly cut back to keep it from overflowing the space provided? Or whose innumerable suckers invade your garden or flowerbed? Or that flops over if you don’t stake it?

If there is a good chance that you will have to deal with the same problem year after year, my suggestion is to … yank out the culprit and compost it!

With such a wide selection of plants currently on the market, there is no reason to put up with “problem plants”. Better to change course and choose one that actually does what you want it to do! For example, you can replace a mildew-ridden phlox with one of the new phloxes that are mildew-resistant. Or replace a hosta whose leaves look like Swiss cheese due to slug damage by one with thick foliage that molluscs avoid. Or a floppy peony by one that remains sturdily upright.

The Gardening Tip No One Tells You

It took me a good two decades of fighting problem plants before I figured this one out, but once I got it, what a change it made in my gardening life! I went from being a struggling, frustrated gardener to a confident, laidback one. I still don’t understand why no other gardener ever shared this tip with me: it should be the very first gardening rule you ever give to a fellow gardener. Instead, every time I mentioned a plant problem, I was given a ridiculously ineffective home remedy that just made me more frustrated. Well, I have a “home remedy” that really works. Get rid of that damn plant: it doesn’t deserve to live!


Get rid of problem plants and you too can be a laidback gardener! Source: laidbackgardener.blog

It’s when you essentially grow only plants that really thrive under your conditions without recurring problems that’s you’ll finally realize just how easy gardening can be!20171118A Clipart Library

2 thoughts on “Just Get Rid of Problem Plants!

  1. SCMGA

    The year I decided to get rid of Lirope that bordered numerous beds, I found myself at the orthopedic doctor with two herniated discs. But, it’s gone. 🙂

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