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A Monstera deliciosa burned by being placed too near a radiator. Source: laidbackgardener.blog

Today’s blog is a simple one.

Don’t place your plants where they are exposed to extreme heat, such as near a radiator or fireplace. Otherwise the foliage will burn, as in the photo above, and then there is nothing you can do but cut it off. Even plants renowned for their resistance to drought and heat, such as cacti and succulents, will be damaged if the heat is too intense.

You can, however, place plants on top of a radiator or a fireplace: you just have to insert a shelf in between the two.

Your Hand Knows 

To determine an acceptable distance from a heat source, use your hand, moving it gradually back until you no longer feel any direct heat. Such a spot would be cool enough for plants to grow, but still, it might be too dry for thin-leaved plants, as heated air is often very low in atmospheric humidity.

In general, it’s simply best to keep all plants away from heat sources.

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