2017: A Banner Year for the Laidback Gardener Blog


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Happy New Years, everyone!

Last year, the Laidback Gardener blog really grew by leaps and bounds, with nearly three times more views (400,000 compared to 147,000 in 2016) and literally three times more visitors (300,000 compared to 100,000 in 2016). My goal is to continue to serve gardeners all over the world with pertinent, practical and (sometimes) amusing information that improves their gardening experience while decreasing the effort put into it.

Remember, 365 blogs were published in 2017: I don’t think anyone else in the gardening world does that.

Behind the Scenes


Yep, that’s me!

I’m still a team of one: there’s just me, Larry Hodgson, writing mostly out of my basement office, although sometimes from far away locales as I travel. And I still intend to keep on writing a gardening blog a day, although now that there are over 1,000 blogs on the Laidback Gardener web site, I’m allowing myself to repeat a few of the older ones. After all, if you didn’t read them in 2014 and 2015, where there were fewer than 40,000 views (10 times less than today), they’re new to you. Besides, who doesn’t need a bit of a reminder now and then?

Ads and More?

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve noticed I added ads to the blog back in August. These help generate a bit of cash. Nothing close to paying for work I put into writing, preparing and managing the blog, but at least they do cover secondary expenses.

Note that I have nothing to do with the choice of ads: that’s made by a computer program based on your search and spending habits online. So, if you do research on, say, a trip to Cancun, you can expect ads about travels in Mexico to start to show up. I get plenty of ads about plant catalogs… Gee, I wonder why?

I intend to look into other ways of monetizing the Laidback Gardener blog over the coming months, but hopefully, nothing too intrusive. If you know of a garden-friendly millionaire with money to give away, send them in my direction!

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Do click on Like when you finish reading an article… and share whenever you can!

Seriously, though, do click on “Like” button at the bottom of the page (this gets the blog a few extra pennies) and also share the blog on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. And why not link the Laidback Gardener blog to your web page?

Get the news out! Remember, you’re allowed to share any of the material on this blog as long you mention where it came from. Share and share alike!

A New Year Ahead!new year's eve

As we start this new year, let me wish you 365 days of happiness and health, plus spectacular plants, a beautiful garden and lots of great garden travels!

Happy New Year!

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The Laidback Gardener

6 thoughts on “2017: A Banner Year for the Laidback Gardener Blog

  1. Barry Langille

    For the past year or two I have tried to like your blogs, but I’m told to log in,and when I try I’m told I don’t exist. This makes liking impossible.

  2. Ann Evans

    I’m not on Facebook, etc so I can’t “like” you but I love getting your messages in my mailbox on such a regular basis. Happy New Year!

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