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How to Water Houseplants the Laidback Way

Watering with a watering can is time-consuming if you have many plants. Source:

I don’t water my houseplants with a watering can. That would take too much time! You see, I have about 300 houseplants, plus dozens of other plants brought in for the winter, some in almost every room of the house. Imagine the trips to the sink I would have to make, back and forth, back and forth, to keep all of them happy!

Instead, I water indoors with a garden hose and a watering wand. That way, I can adjust the water to the right temperature before I start, then go around to all the plants in the house in just a few minutes.

In addition, since the wand is of a reasonable length (2 feet/60 cm), I can water the hanging plants without having to lift a heavy watering can over my head and also pots on the floor without having to bend down.

20170104A LH .jpg
When you use a hose and water wand, you can water all your plants in minutes. Source:

My main watering tool, besides the hose, is a professional, trigger-activated water wand. As soon as I release the trigger, the water stops flowing instantly … a necessity indoors, because who wants a wand that continues to drip, sending water to the floor as you move from plant to plant?

50 Feet of Hose

The hose is 50 feet (15 m) long, just enough to reach all the plants in the house, both in the basement, where the hose is attached, and on our bungalow’s ground floor. The hose is attached to my basement potting bench’s sink in and I can roll it up at the end of each watering session so it’s out of the way.

I find this system practical and easy and I’ve been using it, in different forms, for almost 40 years … but still, you should see the look of shock in the faces of visitors when I explain to them that I water my indoor plants with a garden hose!

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  1. Jerry Metcoff

    I used a Fogg-It also, but it broke and seems to be discontinued. Do you know of any equivalent? Everything I find puts out too much water for indoor use. I need to use for potted plants and seedlings.

  2. Chris Sheppard

    Looking for a good new watering system our old one broke. We too have over 300 plants to water. You said you use a professional trigger activated water wand? Do you have a source for that? We would greatly appreciate it!

  3. NIce Article. We can use different kind of length of Hoses as per our need. I am currently using 25ft, 50ft garden hoses that are expendable, self-drain and long-lasting. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article.

  4. Great article! Keep up the good work!

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