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Always (Re)read the Pesticide Label

No matter if you’ve used a pesticide before, always reread the label before using it. hghource:

Today, an extra simple “tip of the day,” but also extra important one for your plants, for the environment and for your health and that of your family:

Before applying any pesticide, read or reread the label, even if you think you know it by heart.

It only takes a few minutes and can prevent a lot of damage.

The rule “if a little is good, then most must be better” certainly doesn’t apply to pesticides. Pesticides applied at a greater concentration than recommended can damage the very plants they’re supposed to protect. And overly diluting a pesticide will make it inefficient. Plus there may be restrictions (don’t apply in full sun, in hot weather, when rain is announced within the next 24 hours, on such and such a plant, etc.) that you’ve forgotten. Look too for the expiry date. If you’ve kept the product much beyond it, it may no longer be effective.

And remember: this rule applies to both organic pesticides and chemical ones: it’s not because Mother Nature created a product that it’s not hazardous when misused!

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