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Dr. Jane Goodall Honored With a New Rose 

Dr. Jane Goodall and her new rose. Source:

The legendary conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned for her work with chimpanzees, has been honored with a new rose. Rosa ‘Dr. Jane Goodall’ is a hybrid tea rose. Here’s how rose specialist Jackson & Perkins, the company that launched the rose in North America in October 2017, describes it:

“This delightful hybrid tea rose is noble and passionate yet tempered with the humility of its human namesake. Just like the good doctor herself, this rose is just the right mix of strength and loveliness that any rosarian can respect. In addition to its many valuable traits, $3.00 from the sale of each Dr. Jane Goodall Rose will go to benefit the many great works of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Rosa ‘Dr. Jane Goodall’. Source:

Each shapely 4-inch (10 cm) bloom is like a living snapshot of a sunrise with its heady pink petals around a sunny yellow base. The pink hues are lighter on the reverse so the roses are astounding from any angle. Generally, each fully double flower opens on its own long, cut-worthy stem. Despite preferring to be a solo act, finding clusters of these enchanting blossoms is not uncommon.

The architecture of the plant is itself a thing of beauty. The Dr. Jane Goodall Rose is well branched and boasts an exceptionally attractive bushy habit. This variety grows to a happy goldilocks medium that is neither too big nor too small and suits virtually any size landscape. Its leaves are dark, dapper and very glossy forming a dramatic backdrop for its dawn-kissed flowers. Even the pointed ovoid buds are inviting a quiet fanfare for the roses to come. Once open, the blossoms release a spicy fragrance that is distinctive yet not overpowering. This hybrid tea rose simply overflows with graces and it’s impossible not to become instantly smitten.

For optimal garden performance plant Dr. Jane Goodall in rich soil that is both loamy and has good drainage. This rose is very disease resistant for its class and is quite vigorous on its own roots. The flowers last a long time and clean quickly leaving you with very little maintenance overall. The envy of any passionate rosarian, the Dr. Jane Goodall Rose is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful hybrid teas you’ll ever add to your collection.”

The rose was developed by Christian Hanak of Roses Guillot in France and launched in that country in 2011.

Practical Considerations

Gardeners in cold climates should consider buying Rosa ‘Dr. Jane Goodall’ as an own root rose: they are usually much better at withstanding cold winters than grafted roses. Source:

So much for the supplier’s comments. For the average gardener, I see two main considerations. The first is, of course, availability. Americans can order this rose right now from Jackson & Perkins. Others may have to wait a few years until it reaches nurseries in your area. I haven’t seen in Canada yet (but please let me know when you do see it!).

The second is cold hardiness, not even mentioned in Jackson & Perkins’s description. I’ll therefore assume that, like most hybrid tea roses, it will be fully hardy in either zone 7 or 8, but growable with considerable winter protection (mounding, rose cone, rose protection blanket, etc.) in colder zones, to zone 5. Most rose enthusiasts living in cold climates are aware of the need to massively protect hybrid teas in the winter, but novice gardeners should be aware of this need.

The ‘Dr. Jane Goodall’ rose looks absolutely charming, but I’d only be able to grow it as an annual: it’s just not going to be hardy in my zone 3 garden. But those of you can grow it, remember that by buying one, you’re also supporting a worthy cause. Or make a direct donation in lieu of a purchase to the Jane Goodall Institute.20180608A


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