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Share Your Surplus Vegetables

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Plant a Row (Plant • Grow • Share a Row in Canada): that’s the title of a program launched by the Garden Writers’ Association Foundation to encourage gardeners to think about planting extra vegetables they can then offer to food banks. It just makes sense: if you grow vegetables for your family, why not produce a few extra to share with the needy? And it doesn’t have to be an entire row, either: if you only have a balcony vegetable garden, one or two extra pots of tomatoes will give you several extra pounds/kilos of produce to share.

And while you’re at it, start a campaign in your neighborhood to get others to do the same. When gardeners get together, they can change the world!

How to Share Your Bounty

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Source: Garden Writers’ Association Foundation

For the name of a food bank or soup kitchen in your area, go to Feeding America (US) or call the United Way Helpline at 211 (Canada).

And once you do locate the nearest soup kitchen, make sure you phone before you show up with your vegetables. The organization may have a day or a time that better suits them to receive donations.

For more information on Plant a Row/Plant • Grow • Share a Row or to start a PAR/PGSR campaign in your neighborhood, contact:

Plant a Row (USA):

Grow a Row (Canada):

Such a simple way to give!

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  1. Do you know if they have similar gardening events here in the USA? We are looking to meet more people with the same interests as us.

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