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The Best Father’s Day Gift for Gardening Dads  

20180617A Kids,

You know what I would like for Father’s Day? A helping hand in the garden! A sort of family green team to carry out a few garden chores.

Yes, I appreciate the ties, t-shirts, books and garden tools you’ve given me in the past, even the time you took me out to your mother’s favorite seafood restaurant, forgetting I’m allergic to shellfish. Thank you so much! (The staff at the hospital was very friendly!) But what I’d really appreciate is a helping hand every now and then.

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How about slipping a little coupon into that card I know you’ve already prepared, one with a promise to give 2 hours of service in the garden? In fact, slip 3 or 4 coupons into the envelope. That would be about right.

There are always things that really ought to be done in a garden and being a laidback gardener, I don’t even worry much about not being able to accomplish them. But if I could have someone to help me, just a few hours here and there, I could clear up a few things that have been on the “To Do List” for quite some time now. A bit of weeding in the vegetable bed for the under 6s, pruning off some dead wood in the shrub border for the older ones, and for the adults, a bit of heavy lifting we could do together.

Again, if you’ve already gotten me socks this year (again), I’ll be as pleased as punch, but what I really want is help! Pretty please?

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