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When a Yellow Lawn is a Healthy Lawn

This is a summer-dormant lawn, not a dead one. It will green up when rains and cooler temperatures return: Source:

In the Northern Hemisphere, July is often the month of heatwaves and drought … and it’s the lawn that seems to suffer the most.

You can, of course, water abundantly and deeply to keep your lawn green, but the environmental cost is huge. Imagine, all that water carefully purified and processed for human consumption disappearing into a green space!

So why not be more eco-friendly? When heat and drought hit, let nature take its course. True enough, your lawn may turn yellow and crunchy, but that’s because it’s in summer dormancy, a natural state for temperate-climate lawn grasses. When rain and cooler temperatures return, it will green up once again.

In gardening, patience truly can be a virtue!

2 comments on “When a Yellow Lawn is a Healthy Lawn

  1. Hi, what do you do when you let your grass go dorment and the crab grass tries to take over?

    • Crab grass is an annual and will be dead by winter. The secret to controlling crabgrass is to make sure it doesn’t germinate the following spring. For that you can try a weed seed germination inhibitor. Plus higher mowing in general makes life tough for crabgrass!

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