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Why Plant Trees?

Every home should have at least a few trees. Read on to learn why. Source:

Trees don’t ask for much—soil, water, sunlight. Yet they provide a wealth of benefits: They improve the air you breathe, cut your energy bills with their shade, provide homes for wildlife, and add beauty and value to your house to boot.

In fact, landscaping can add approximately 10 to 20 percent more value to a property—especially landscaping that includes mature trees. Commercial areas with trees also attract more customers (and they stay longer and spend more money).

A well-chosen tree adds curb appeal and makes the home appear established within its environment. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, 83 percent of realtors believe mature trees have a strong or moderate impact on the salability of homes listed for less than $150,000. On homes more than $250,000, this perception increases to 98 percent.

Environmental Benefits

Trees help the environment. Source:

Trees in the environment:
—deflect harsh winds
—absorb rainfall and provide shade in summer
—filter water, which reduces the impact of storm and flood waters
—improve air quality by absorbing harmful toxins and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere
—attract birds and other wildlife seeking shelter and food
—reduce noise pollution

Economic Benefits

Trees increase the value of your home. Source:

Trees planted near homes and other buildings:
—provide a direct benefit by lowering costs for a home or business
—reduce heating and air cooling costs when strategically placed on south- and west-facing sides of homes
—lower air conditioning costs when shading a building and reduce heating costs when used as a windbreak
—increase property values at maturity

Social Benefits

Trees are good for your mental and physical health. Source:

Trees in the presence of people:
—reduce stress levels, according to the Natural Resource Conservation Service
—increase levels of information retention in children who spend time outdoors each day
—result in hospital patients needing less pain medication and being discharged more rapidly than patients with treeless views;
—cause fewer feelings of aggression inside families when located near apartment buildings

Trees and plants provide more than beauty on your property—they deliver a substantial return on investment in exchange for relatively low-cost maintenance. Never underestimate the value of trees and plants in your yard.

—Adapted from a press release by The Davey Tree Expert Company

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