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Macramé Plant Hangers Are Trendy Again: Who Knew?

Macramé plant hangers: trendy again! Source:

I’m old enough to have been around in the 1970s when macramé* plant hangers were all the rage. Made from yarn, cotton twine, leather, hemp, jute and even wire, macramé hangers were seen everywhere. I used to have several macramé hangers at the time. Everybody did!

*Macramé: the craft of knot tying.

It was also very hot to make your own macramé hangers … as well as macramé art, clothing, jewelry, draperies and much more. I never did try it: I was much more into growing plants in the 1970s than making hangers for them.

Then the macramé craze died out. By the mid 1980s, it was just sooo passé. Even to mention the word macramé meant you passed for a hippie… and not just any hippie, but rather a throwback hippie. I thought macramé was long forgotten and never expected to see it resurrected.

In Style Again

Macramé hanger display. Source:

Last summer, however, I saw a display of macramé hangers at the IGC trade show in Chicago: a whole range of colors and sizes … and I bought one to use so I could hang my kokedama in the greenhouse. Then last week, I saw a local ad for a macramé workshop. Apparently, too, Martha Stewart has declared macramé décor to be a wedding trend. Well, I have no intention of marrying anytime soon (I’m sure my wife would object), but if Martha Stewart says something’s in, it’s in!

So macramé is trendy again! Expect to see macramé hangers for your houseplants show up at a garden center near you.

Laidback Macramé

Am I going to make my own macramé hangers? Not on your life! I avoided it in the 1970s, so I can just as easily avoid it in the late 2010s. But it’s kinda nice to know they’re out there again!

Here’s a site where you can buy macramé planters: (I met the owner, Jennifer Lavoie, at the trade show: nice lady!)

And here’s a tutorial on you how to make your own macramé hanger:

Source: How to Make A Macramé Plant Hanger –

Knock yourself out!

5 comments on “Macramé Plant Hangers Are Trendy Again: Who Knew?

  1. I use and make knotted plant hangers for my kodedama balls as Macrame is much too time-consuming. I did make some Macrame stuff in the 1970s and have used some Macrame hangers for plants since then.

  2. Can I dig out my brown flared cords now?

  3. mickthornton

    I have a macrame hanger in my home office with a plant I trimmed just today. My wife and I purchased our first house 4 years ago and it’s a mid-century 1966 ranch home. Her parents gave us three macrame hangers they originally had in the 70s. They a perfect for the house! Plus I get more space for all the plants I keep growing thanks to your blog.

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