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The Sound of Water Attracts Birds

Bridled titmouse drinking from a leaky tap. Source:

Did you know that the sound of dripping water attracts birds to your garden?

If you have a garden faucet that leaks just a bit (if it leaks a lot, have it repaired!), place a rock or bird bath at its base so the drops make a “plop plop” sound and you will see many more birds visit your garden, first coming to investigate the sound, then to drink from the dripping water.

20181111B Ronda Kesterson-Bennett,
Home-made dripper made from a plastic bottle. Source: Ronda Kesterson-Bennett,

Another option is to make a dripper from a plastic bottle (a 2-liter soft drink, for example). Pierce a tiny hole in the bottom with a hot needle, fill it with fresh water and hang the dripper from a tree over a bird bath. Now, set yourself down to watch the bird traffic! You’ll probably have to refill the bottle daily.

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