Winter? What winter?

Above is what I see from my living room when I’m comfortably stretched out on my recliner. I only have to look up to admire the “greenhouse” (officially a solarium) filled to the brim with beautiful houseplants.

Right now, I can see mandevillas, pelargoniums, crowns of thorns, begonias, Thanksgiving cactus and a bird of paradise in bloom, and others will follow throughout the winter. And despite the beauty of the flowers that dot the mass of green, I think I still prefer the tropical effect of the foliage. Why bother traveling to Cancún in the winter when Cancún comes to you!

During the summer, all that beautiful vegetation spends the summer outside, so from my armchair I can see through the glass walls of the greenhouse into beautiful flower beds. Temperate flowers in the summer, tropical foliage all winter, all from a comfortable armchair … isn’t life wonderful!

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