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A man should never plant a garden larger than his wife can take care of.

T.H. Everett, 1952

Garden writer and blogger, author of 65 gardening books, lecturer and communicator, the Laidback Gardener, Larry Hodgson, passed away in October 2022. Known for his great generosity, his thoroughness and his sense of humor, he reached several generations of amateur and professional gardeners over his 40-year career. Thanks to his son, Mathieu Hodgson, and a team of contributors, will continue its mission of demystifying gardening and making it more accessible to all.

3 comments on “Thought of the Day

  1. Murray Connelly

    Quite so!

  2. I’d like a couple of those words reversed please. 🙂

    • I did think about it… and it would have been even funnier, but it’s a quote. You’re kind of stuck with the wording when it’s a quote, aren’t you!

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