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Shower With Your Plants

A quick shower can be very beneficial to indoor plants. Source:

Dust, dirt and cooking oils that accumulate on the leaves of houseplants significantly reduce the light that reaches their cells and also cuts back on their respiration. A monthly shower with tepid water, either in the sink for small plants or right in the shower stall for taller ones, helps clean the leaves …and may well remove a few insects that might be hiding among the leaves.

To keep the soil of your houseplants from washing down the drain while you rinse them, simply cover it with a piece of cloth.

It’s best to give plants their shower in the morning so the leaves will have time to dry out before night. This is especially true of hairy-leaved plants, as their leaves are slower to dry.

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  1. Jennifer Brawley

    Hello from a dull U.K. could you please write about staking trees. Do we really need to do this? The mountain ash that self seeded in my garden seem to do well without stakes.

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