Anti-UV Sleeves for Gardeners

Here’s a product I saw at a trade show and that I thought many gardeners would appreciate: a slip-on anti-UV sleeve you could wear when gardening. It protects against sunburn and skin cancer when you’re out in the sun.

True enough, you could also put on a long-sleeved shirt and get about the same protection. But if you’re in short sleeves that day, you wouldn’t need to change. Or you could slather on sunscreen, but who actually enjoys sticky, greasy sunscreen? Also, the material used has a cooling effect, wicking moisture away from the body, so you’ll feel cooler than with either a long-sleeved shirt or sunscreen. 

Also, using it would be so simple! You could simply hang a pair by the back door next to your sun hat and garden gloves as part of your sun protection gardening paraphernalia.

One size fits all and the sleeve gives 50+ UV protection. You even get a bit of protection from biting insects, scratches and scrapes.

Slip on the sleeves before you slip out to garden. Photo:

The product I saw was called IceRays and comes from Australia, but there appear to be other brands. 

I see that Gardener’s Supply Company (USA) now carries them and you’d probably be able to find anti-UV sleeves in a sports store near you (they’re mostly being marketed to athletes, like tennis players, golfers and cyclists). If not, look on-line where I saw plenty of sources!

Just thought you’d like to know!

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  1. John Wilson

    These sleeves are also used by hikers and cyclists. One widely available brand is Outdoor Research. They can be ordered direct from their Canadian website, so no import duties or taxes:
    A version that has a cooling feature for real hot days:
    These are shown as mens, but are really unisex sizing. They are also available in different colours for those so inclined…?

  2. Without knowing it, you just made a huge difference in my husband’s life. Thank you.

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