Laidback Gardener Blog Wins International Award… Indirectly!


I’ve just received word that the French-language version of this blog,, (yes, you may not know this, but I write this blog in both English and French) has been named one of the five best garden blogs of 2019 by the French online magazine So it wins a “Jardins Merveilleux” award.

Was I surprised? You bet! Especially since I write the French version for the French-Canadian market (I live in Québec), not for the “vieux pays” (France). So, maybe I could have expected a local award at some point, but an international one? That was a pleasant surprise! 

True enough, though, over a third of the French-language blog’s readers are from France and Belgium, much like the English version you’re reading has an amazingly large percentage of readers in the United Kingdom and in Australia even though the blog is essentially written with North American gardeners in mind. Which all goes to prove that gardening is, deep down inside, universal. 

In either its French or English versions, as far as I know, Laidback Gardener this is the only daily gardening blog in the world. Certainly, no other garden fanatic is writing two blogs a day. You’d have to be crazy to do that … or very, very passionate about gardening! And I am: you can decide which!

12 thoughts on “Laidback Gardener Blog Wins International Award… Indirectly!

  1. Willa Wick

    Congratulations Larry, a well-deserved award. Amazing how you can keep up the pace of two blogs a day. Quite a feat (and a Canadian too – fantastic)

  2. Congratulations!
    I find that my articles are also popular in Australia, as well as New Zealand and South Africa. Relative to the populations there, the articles may be as popular in those places as they are here. I will not question it though, since I read articles from those places as well.

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