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Help for Senior Gardeners: Making Hose Easier to Attach

Hose with hose extender and quick disconnect system.

I don’t know how the hose spigot on your house is attached, but on mine, it’s right down near the ground. I have to get down on my hands and knees to install the hose and even then, the hose has to be bent at an ungainly almost 90 degree angle while I attempt to thread it, making that very awkward. So, each fall, I’m back down on my knees, something my 65-year-old body strenuously objects to, removing the hose to bring it indoors out of reach of freezing weather, then each spring I’m back again kneeling in the mud, trying to threading it back on at that ridiculous angle with frozen fingers. It’s most uncomfortable, but I never thought there might be an easier solution.

A hose that is constantly bent hose won’t last very long. Ill.:, montage:

In addition, it goes without saying that not does only a hose constantly bent at such an angle offers a reduced flow of water, but this kink damages the hose over time, shortening its useful life.

However, according to Dramm Corporation, there are two good attachments you can add to the spigot and hose to make this all much, much easier.

The first of these is a flexible hose extender (hose protector). This item with a strong but malleable aluminum coil can be threaded onto the spigot and left there permanently. From there on in, just bend the extender upward to thread the hose at whatever angle is easiest for you: you won’t have to bend as far nor spend as much time on your knees.

Long-lasting quick disconnect system.

But that’s only step one! Now add a quick disconnect or quick change system to its hose end. The other part goes onto the end of your hose, of course. Now, when you need to install the hose, just snap it into place, bending the hose extender to an easy angle. And snap it off when you remove the hose. 

Attaching and removing a garden hose couldn’t be simpler and it will save wear and tear on your knees.

Thanks to Dramm Corporation for this easy tip.

All photos from Dramm Corporation.

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6 comments on “Help for Senior Gardeners: Making Hose Easier to Attach

  1. I find that these are quicker, but not easier. If not used regularly, they get jammed.

  2. mickthornton

    I’ve been using the quick connects for a few years. One addition tip, if the washers are cheap, replace them or use some plumber’s tape on the threads to reduce or eliminate drips. Granted, washers should probably be replaced on a regular basis.

    • Yes, I thin that would help. I just mentioned that they jam if not used regularly. They also leak profusely. I do not mind the leaking if I am using it only briefly, but it is an annoyance in some situation. Washers would probably fix that.

      • mickthornton

        Yeah, I’ve bought four to get two that don’t leak.

  3. Alexandra Abraham

    Has this post/item been removed? I’m not getting anything other than an ‘oops, looks like this page can’t be found’ message…

  4. I’m liking this. Thank you.

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