Grow Your Own Cat Grass

Cat grass raised from a kit. Photo:

You’ve probably seen cat grass kits in a local pet supply store or garden center, maybe even a supermarket. They contain a tray prefilled with potting soil and sown with seed of grasses that cats love to eat. The seed is generally oats, but wheat, barley and rye are other possibilities. The label probably says something like “Just add water!” and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Cat grass really is very easy to grow.

Good for Your Cat

Cat grass kit. Photo:

Eating tender young grass leaves is actually good for cats. They contain folic acid, other vitamins and fiber, all good for your kitty’s health; plus they are slightly laxative and help purge the cat’s system of indigestible particles, like bits of bone or feathers. Grass also helps cats regurgitate the fur they swallow by licking their coat, facilitating the formation of fur balls.

Also, when they have nothing wholesome and green to chew on, many felines start nibbling on houseplants, some of which are toxic to felines. (Read 200 Poisonous Houseplants to learn which ones.) So cat grass can sometimes be a life saver!

Save Money, Grow Your Own

You can find cereal grains in the “seeds for sprouting” section of your local health store. Some garden centers also carry them. Photo:

Even so, cat grass kits are quite expensive, especially when you consider that they only last about 15 to 20 days. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy kits: you’ll save a lot of money by simply sowing cereal grains on the surface of a pot filled with regular potting soil and pressing lightly. Then just water: you don’t even need to cover the seeds!

Put the pot on a sunny window ledge or under a fluorescent light or LED and water occasionally, always keeping the soil slightly moist. In just a few days, there will be plenty of greenery for kitty to munch on. Cat grass will start to thin out and lose any feline attractiveness after 2 to 3 weeks, so keeping sowing new pots of every 10 days or so to keep your feline friend happy.

Grow your own cat grass? Why not? It’s really sooo simple!

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  1. Is catnip good for cats? Bobcats shredded mine when I put the hanging pot it was in on the ground out from under the eaves to catch some rain.

    • It’s considered harmless to cats. Not all feline species react to it, though, but I hear bobcats and lynxes do.

      • I sort of figured that it is harmless. I never heard of a cat getting sick from it. I just can not help but wonder what is so great about it. The bobcats like it, as if it is somehow good for them.

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