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Why Having Flowers in our Home is so Important

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Your home deserves flowers. And not just because they make us feel at home, but also because they have so much more to offer. Here are more reasons for having flowers in your home.

1. Cheerfulness 

Flowers lift our spirits. They put us in a good mood simply by being in a room with their colorful freshness.

2. Relaxation

Flowers give us a safe warm feeling that lets us sit back and relax. It’s only natural that we associate ‘peace and quiet’ with a natural environment.

3. Productivity

Having flowers nearby increases our concentration so that we can be even more productive. Especially nice when we have a bit of cleaning to do…

4. Less forgetful

The fragrance of flowers helps us remember things better. Fantastic when you think of all the things we shouldn’t forget.

5. Symbolism

Flowers have so many associations. Each kind has its own special story. The lily, for example, stands for love and femininity, while the gladiolus symbolizes strength and victory.

6. Serenity    

Flowers develop and bloom as soon as you put them in a vase. This process is also a wonderful reflection of nature that we associate with a feeling of being at peace.

 7. Fragrance

What could be better than a natural air freshener? Flowers provide a wide choice of scents. While some can be identified by just stepping into a room, the subtle scent of others remains quietly in the background. 

8. Beauty

And, last but not least, flowers are simply too beautiful for words. Every flower has its own special charm for us to enjoy.

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  1. I take flowers for granted. I work with them all the time, and even grew cut flower crops a long time ago. I could do without them in the home. It is so nice to see others appreciate them though. I sometimes bring flowers to those who work inside here. Their reactions are more delightful than the flowers are. (I recently needed to prune the hydrangeas, but some were still blooming.)

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