How to Kill a Tree


Source: Dr. Bonnie Appleton, Virginia Tech University

5 thoughts on “How to Kill a Tree

  1. Years ago, I went to a local tree nursery and purchased three large trees for my backyard. It was spring, they were very busy, and had hired extra help. The trees were planted while I was at work, and I came home and was thrilled with their placement. As the weeks went on, the trees didn’t look good. I kept pouring the water on, but eventually all three died. As my husband and I started digging to dispose of them, we found they had all been planted in a plastic transportation wrapper of some sort. Yes – trees won’t live with their roots wrapped in plastic. No – there was no refund because the nursery had been sold for development. 🙂

  2. In all the years that I have been inspecting trees, I have found that what causes more damage than anything else are the so-called ‘gardeners’ and ‘arborists’ who get paid to take care of them.

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