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Free Recipes for Beautiful Container Gardens

This arrangement is called On My Mind. Photo: Proven Winners

Do you ever go gaga over the beautiful mixed containers you see on the Web? Such incredible color choices, original plants you’d never thought of using together, and what about the harmony of the arrangements? When you try to prepare your own containers, they never seem to match these!

Well, there is actually a web site that proposes container garden “recipes” that you just have to follow, as you would when cooking. Three of this plant, two of that, a pinch of another, set them in this layout, place under such and such conditions and presto! You have a winning display. 

The page is put together by Proven Winners and it’s called the Container Garden Recipe Search. Just go to the site and either just start looking blindly (there are 12 recipes per page and, in the 2020 version, 86 pages, for a total of 1,029 recipes) or enter criteria important to you in the filter.

Might I suggest entering at least Exposure (the criteria are Full Shade, Part Shade to Shade, Part Sun to Sun, Sun and Sun or Shade) and possibly Pot Style (Any, Hanging Basket, Upright Container, Wall Sconce, Window Box)? 

Try it and see. You just might find exactly the arrangement you’ll always dreamed of!

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