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Garden Tutor Online Course Wins Green Thumb Award

The Garden Tutor Online Course and Kit by Botaniworld has just won a coveted Green Thumb Award in the Gardening Tools and Accessories division.

The Garden Tutor Online Course and Kit is a unique, multimedia course that teaches beginning gardeners how to grow a garden like a professional. Unlike conventional ways of learning about gardening, Garden Tutor provides a concise, step-by-step framework of knowledge plus essential tools for hands-on education. 

Instead of learning by trial and error, Garden Tutor provides the foundation for a beginning gardener to begin a lifelong hobby of successfully growing plants of all kinds. In addition to the acclaimed Garden Tutor course, the kit includes essential tools needed to plan and plant a garden including a kit for testing soil pH, a compass, measuring tape, a soil testing jar, a handy reference guide and more. It’s the perfect start for anyone who wants to begin to garden. Get the Garden Tutor Online Course and Kit at

The Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. The awards are sponsored by the Direct Gardening Association (DGA), a nonprofit association of companies that sell garden products directly to consumers via catalogs and websites. 

You can find the other 2020 Green Thumb award winners here: New Plants and Garden Products Win 2020 Green Thumb Awards

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