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Put Your Mulch to Double Use: Grow Mushrooms!

Edible mushrooms grown in ordinary garden mulch. Photo: Etienne Durand

E-mail message: I’m a big fan of your blog and read it daily. I wanted to share with you a really great gardening experience from last summer.

Following the advice in your blog, I used mulch for my vegetable garden and flower beds for all the usual reasons: keep weeds down, maintain even soil moisture, keep plants cooler in summer, fertilize the plants, etc. Except I went one better.

Wine cap mushrooms thrive in ordinary garden mulch. Photo: Etienne Durand

I inoculated the mulch (fresh straw and wood chips resulting from tree pruning) with the mycelium of wine cap strophia, also called king strophia (Stropharia rugosoannulata), that I bought on the site Homegrown Mushrooms

Part of my harvest. Photo: Etienne Durand

I had impressive harvests of excellent mushrooms all summer long, including plenty to dry and store for winter, while still being able to harvest a very large number of vegetables from my garden.

I’ve sent you some pictures.

Etienne Durand

Answer: That’s a wonderful idea: two birds with one stone!

Homegrown Mushrooms is a Canadian company and offers their product in that country. American readers could obtain wine cap strophia spawn from Field & Forest Products. In the United Kingdom, try Mushroombox, and in Australia, Forest Fungi.

There are many other companies worldwide offering wine cap strophia (king strophia) spawn and other mushroom spawn as well. Maybe even your local garden center carries it!

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  1. Wild mushrooms are very popular here. Those who hunt them have secret collection sites, like fishing holes. Alder logs are also popular among those who grow their own. I don’t know what is so special about such logs.

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