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Flowers for a Mother in COVID Lockdown

Don’t just think of Mom on Mother’s Day: send her flowers! Photo:

Today is Mother’s Day 2020, but this is likely to be one of the saddest Mother’s Day ever. In a good number of places, many mothers and grandmothers are still living in confinement due to the coronavirus. It won’t be possible for them to give their beloved children and grandchildren a big hug this year or join in a wonderful family meal prepared just for her. Any visit will likely have to be done from a distance, like from the screen of a tablet, phone or computer, or perhaps she’ll be able to wave at her children and grandchildren through the glass of her front window.

I hope that you will pay special attention to Mom this year. You could send her a virtual Mother’s Day card, gather the family for a sing-along over the phone, etc. And you can also send her flowers.

You find that, almost everywhere, florists’ shops are open on this special Sunday. Maybe not to shop in person (that depends on quite a few factors!), but at least for orders and deliveries. So, if you hadn’t yet thought about ordering flowers for mom, it’s still not too late.

Ten to one Mom loves roses! Photo: 1-800-FLOWERS

Your local florist’s website undoubtedly has a beautiful selection of bouquets for the occasion. Whether they contain the traditional Mother’s day roses, seasonal flowers (tulips, narcissus, irises and other spring bulbs), exotic flowers (birds of paradise, gerberas, heliconias, etc.) or even dried flowers, it’s possible to order them and have them delivered.

Mom would love a living orchid, don’t you think? Photo:

Or, if mom likes to garden, consider sending a gift plant rather than cut flowers, either a houseplant (orchid, spathiphyllum, African violet, etc.) or a plant for her outdoor garden, such as a miniature rose or hydrangea.

Just don’t forget to express your love to mom on this special day and, if possible … say it with flowers!


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  1. Ha! The last thing my mother needs is more flowers!

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