New Stamps Feature American Gardens


If you’re a stamp collector who also gardens, you might want to take notice that the U.S. Postal Service has just issued a series stamps featuring the natural beauty of American gardens. The series of 10 stamps is called American Gardens Forever and features gardens ranging from botanical gardens to country estates and municipal gardens. All the gardens featured are normally open to the public throughout the year, although this year, several are presently closed to the public because of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The stamps were launched on May 13, 2020.

The featured gardens are: Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens (Akron, Ohio), Dumbarton Oaks Garden (Washington, D.C.), Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens (Boothbay, Maine), Chicago Botanic Garden (Glencoe, Ill.), Winterthur Garden (Winterthur, Del.), Biltmore Estate Gardens (Asheville, N.C.), Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park (Tallahassee, Fla.), the Huntington Botanical Gardens (San Marino, Calif.), and Norfolk Botanical Garden (Norfolk, Va.).

Life List

I’ve been able to visit seven of the featured gardens and was originally planning to visit Norfolk Botanical Garden in April, but the trip was canceled because of—you guessed it!—the coronavirus outbreak. I’ll certainly go next year. 

How many have you visited?


You can purchase stamps through The Postal Store at, by calling 800-782-6724, by mail through USA Philatelic or at Post Office locations across the USA.

Definitely stamps you’ll want to add to your collection!

3 thoughts on “New Stamps Feature American Gardens

  1. Margaret

    So glad that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was included. Usually it gets overlooked in favor of the NY Botanical Gardens. But now that Brooklyn is trendy, I guess that more of its attractions are getting the attention (and funding) they deserve.

    I spent a lot of time at the BBG when I lived there. Back when Brooklyn was scary, it was a wonderful escape.

    I’ve only visited four, all on the east coast. But then I don’t get out much!

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