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A Kitchen Tool for Your Cactus

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Spiny houseplants like cactus and euphorbias are awkward to handle. You reach you hand down to move them and … ouch *&?%#! 

However, you can borrow a tool from your kitchen to move them readily: simple kitchen tongs! 

Just open the tongs and grasp the pot. Then you can move it, turn it or do pretty much anything you want with it while keeping a safe distance. 

You can even hold the plant body itself with the tongs. Photo:

You can even use the tongs to hold the plant itself when repotting or to grab cuttings to twist them free.

You might even want to hang the tongs from a hook near your prickly plants for easy access next time around.

Sometimes the simplest techniques are the most effective!

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  1. These things help with harvesting prickly pear too, but only if they are very ripe, and ready to fall off.

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